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Monday, May 20, 2024

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Damage and Contamination from Monday Fire

By Glenn Collins
Tuesday, September 4, 2012 | 12:09 PM

HFD Chief/EMA Phillip Weaver consults with Marion County EMA Jimmy Mills
Haleyville Fire Chief and EMA Director Phillip Weaver consults with Marion County EMA Director Jimmy Mills early Monday morning.

The early-morning fire Monday has left two lingering results in its aftermath: it has rendered fire equipment unsafe to use and contaminants flowed to nearby properties.

Haleyville Fire Chief Phillip Weaver told the City Council Tuesday that fire hoses and firefighter gear will cost at least $18,000 to replace. The equipment is now soaked with oil and perhaps hydraulic fluids and other contaminants. An insurance claim will be filed. Meanwhile, eight firefighters are without their "turn out gear," which protects them while fighting fires. Weaver was going to try and replace as much firefighter gear as he could Wednesday.

The Marion County EMA was notified about possible contamination and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management was also notified. Oil, hydraulic and other possible contaminants were in the building that burned early Monday morning, sources said. These hazardous materials flowed onto adjacent properties and will have to be what is called "remediated." Remediation can include removing layers of soil and shipping it in containers to a hazardous materials acceptance site. Determinations on remediation are usually made by ADEM.

ADEM Spokesman Scott Hughes said, "ADEM personnel were on the scene (Monday) and (Tuesday) and we will continue to work with property owners and those involved to ensure that an appropriate clean-up will occur."

The fire occured at a building on the southeast corner of Marion County Highway 34 and Alabama 13, in Marion County and outside of the Haleyville City limits.

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