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Sunday, May 19, 2024

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Place 2: Burleson; Place 3: ?

By Glenn Collins
Wednesday, August 29, 2012 | 5:41 AM

Barry Burleson unseated "Boo" Haughton Tuesday night for Place 2 in the Haleyville Board of Education Election and the final results of the Place 3 are unknown.

In Place 3, the final determination may come down to eight provisional ballots that are headed to the Board of Registrars in Double Springs Wednesday morning. If nothing changes, the voters may have to endure a runoff election between incumbent Steve Stott and challenger Gary Warren. 

The contents of those ballots are not known. It is possible that there are no votes for the board race. If all eight ballots were to be approved, Stott needs all eight go his way for an outright victory. The calculus becomes more difficult as each permutation is factored. An outright winner in a race with more than two candidates requires fifty percent of the total vote plus one. Stott currently has 49.8% to his nearest competitor, Warren at only 33.9%.

The procedure to resolve the provisional ballots involves the Board of Registrars making a determination then notifying the voter of the determination. The voter than has seven days to appeal. After that point, the final certification goes to the Haleyville City Council. It could be the middle of next week before the Place 3 race is finalized.

Here are the possible outcomes: Provisional ballots next week and Stott wins; Provisional ballots next week and no candidate received more than 50%; or, Warren concedes and withdraws.

If needed, the runoff is October 9.

Here are the total for the Haleyville School Board.

School Board Place 2
  Barry Burleson 866 60.8%
  Christopher "Boo" Haughton 559 39.2%
School Board Place 3
  James Cagle 236 16.3%
  Steve Stott 720 49.8%
  Gary Warren 490 33.9%

All results are unofficial.

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