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Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Another Telephone Scam

By Harold Bearden
Monday, June 18, 2012 | 8:06 AM

You may have already or very soon receive a phone call from someone asking for a donation to the Alabama State Police Fund. This is a con. Someone will try to get your Master or Visa Card or banking information so you can "contribute" for the welfare of police officers. Do not give them any of your personal financial information. There is no Alabama State Police Fund. 

Perhaps a man named Josh will ask you for $1,000, or $750 or even $500, which, he says, you can pay by simply giving them your credit card or bank information. Do not fall for this scam. The Faternal Order of Police, the Alabama State Troopers and the Sheriff's Association do not solicit money in this manner. The call is a slick way of trying to use your sympathy and benevolence to get your money. The easiet and quickest way to handle the caller is simply hang up. You won't hurt their feeling, they are there to rip you off.  Better yet, report it to the Alabama Attorney General's office.

To guarantee you are not the victum of fraud, never give anyone your social security number, credit or debit card or any other banking information over the phone. Rembmer, these people are banking on you being gullible enough to want to help someone in need. Just don't do it.

Locally, there are many great civic organizations, such as the Civitans, Rotary, and Lions Club who are constantly raising money legally for their many worthwhile local community projects. Find out how you can help. Talk to someone who you know who is a member of one of the local groups. You may even want to join one of these organizations and help build a better community. Just don't give money information to anyone over the phone.


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