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Saturday, May 18, 2024

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Coach Bubba Scott, A Local Legend

By Janice Jackson
Sunday, March 11, 2012 | 10:03 PM

Coach Scott died early Sunday, March 11. while a hospital patient in Montgomery, Alabama. He was 85 years old.

Coach Scott was a native of Prattville, Alabama. He graduated from Autauga County High School in 1944 where he had been an outstanding football player and student. It is also where he met the only girlfriend he had for his entire life, Dot Kilpatrick. He was the handsome football player, she the pretty cheerleader. Dot would be the only girlfriend he ever had.

Prior to high school graduation Coach enlisted in the United States Navy. After his tour of duty with the Navy he attended and graduated from Troy State University.

In 1949 he married his cheerleader and the two moved to Haleyville, Alabama to embark on his chosen career as a high school football coach. Coach Scott began that career as Assistant Coach to Head Coach Jimmy Wood. Coach worked as Haleyville High assistant football coach for four years and in 1953 he moved into the head coaching position where he served for ten years. His coaching record stood with 76 wins, 21 losses and three tied. In his last five years that coaching record evolved into 47 wins, two loses and one tied. His HHS coaching career was truly what we term as ”that season of champions.” This included many State Championships and honors.

While in Haleyville Coach and Dot became the parents of two sons, Mike and Al. Dot was employed with Alabama Power Company and worked along side Coach Scott to be a second mom to many young men and women.

In 1963 Coach Scott was offered the position of head coach at Howard College in Birmingham (Howard College, which later became known as Samford University. The family moved to Birmingham where Dot continued to work for Alabama Power Company and their sons graduated from high school and college.

Following three seasons at Howard, Coach Scott was named Executive Secretary of the Alabama High School Athletic Association in 1966 and his family moved to Montgomery, He served in that position until his retirement. Dot continued to work for Alabama Power until she decided that if Coach was retired, she should be too! Dot passed away in May of 2007.

Their son Mike Scott is married to Angela and they are parents to two daughters. Mike is now retired from Alabama Power Company. Son Al is married to Billie and they are also parents to two daughters. Al serves as General Counsel for Alfa Insurance Company.

You may not have been fortunate enough to have personally known Coach Scott. You may not have had the honor of playing football for him. You may not have been his student. But most have attended HHS football games at the field named in his honor. The stone monument behind the press box tells the impact he had on so very many young lives. He became a living legend in Haleyville and one that was well deserved. Not because he wanted to be famous and have his memory engraved in monuments, but because he was a humble man. A good man. A shoulder and ear for his players and students. A man who never ever asked more of those players and students than he was willing to do himself. A man who led by example with his own life. Players who later in life became very successful men, acknowledge the positive infulence Bubba Scott had on their lives.

Visitation will held be at First Baptist Church in Montgomery beginning at 12:30 p.m., Wednesday. Mr. Scott’s memorial service is set for at First Baptist Church at 2 p.m.  The burial will follow at Alabama Heritage Cemetery located at 10505 Atlanta Highway.

The family has asked in lieu of flowers, contributions may be made in Mr. Scott’s honor to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, P.O. Box 230685, Montgomery, AL 36123

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