Primary Election 2018 Results

These numbers are the totals for all 19 boxes in Winston County In the case of the State House and Senate races, the other areas have to be added in. There will be a runoff election in 45 days for the Alabama House District 17 between Estes and Seagraves. Bobby Everett had more than 50% of the votes to win his incumbent seat on the Winston County Commission District 1.


Alabama Senate District 4

G. Gudger 1335

P. Bussman 1052


Alabama House District 14

T. Wadsworth 2239

R. Corry 456


Alabama House District 17 (Runoff)

T. Estes 534

D. Hall 238

P. Seagraves 265


Winston County Commission District 1

S. Baldwin 986

W. Brown 351

B. Everett 1405


Winston County Commission District 2

D. Cummings 1264

B. Wilson 961


Winston County Sheriff

Tommy Moore 4,151

J. Madison 773