National Test of the National Emergency alert System Wednesday

The Federal Emergency Management Authority(FEMA) and the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) will conduct a Nationwide TEST Wednesday, 3 October, of the EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM. Emergency Tests will be conducted across the Nation by radio, including Paradise 92.7, TV, and the wireless services for cell phones. These are only TESTS. You may find the test annoying, however, this is the first ever test for this system and the purpose is to determine how well people receive the alert.

The wireless alert will be at 1:18 pm and the media alert will be at 1:20 pm. The title of the alert will be “Presidential Alert”. This alert system is not only for local weather, but it is also in case of National Emergency Broadcasts.

Make sure your cell phones are set to accept WIRELESS EMERGENCY ALERTS (WEA). This system can send you an alert to your cell phone when Winston County is under a severe weather warning. If you do not get the alert on your phone on Wednesday afternoon, you should contact your phone service provider to see if your phone settings can be changed. Always keep a battery powered FM radio available. Even with all other forms of communications non-working, there is a really good chance of picking up a radio station, almost all of which have emergency power.