Haleyville City Council

The Haleyville City Council met Monday, August 7, with Blue Russell absent. Preceding the regular session, a work session was held to discuss a proposed animal control ordinance. Information was collected from various members of the audience, including Charlotte Williams, who with her husband, talked about their role as animal control officers for Winston and Marion Counties. She stated their responsibility was only for neglected animals and they had no authority to handle vicious or nuisance dogs or animals. Roger Hayes and David Cummings both representing the Winston County Commission stated the county also has no authority to handle any animal problem, except by employing the services of an animal control officer. It was determined that the State Health Department has the only authority to legally act if someone is bitten or attacked by an animal. The Health Department is usually notified by the Emergency Room medical personnel who treat a victim.
As a result of the work session information, the proposed animal control ordinance was once again tabled.
In other business, the Council approved the purchase of playground equipment for the new sports complex for a total of 80,858.55 which includes a wheelchair swing. A resolution was passed to advertise for fencing for the playground equipment.
A resolution was approved authorizing matching funds for a grant for fire equipment for the Haleyville Fire Department. The grant of $13,334.00 had a match of $666. This will purchase a commercial washer and dryer to clean and disinfect the protective clothing worn by firefighters, including drying boots, gloves, and hoods.
The Council approved resolutions approving matching funds in the amount of $54,270.00 for a new community safe room at the new sports complex and any additional expense above the project cost of $217,100.00. The Cassidy Company was selected to oversee this project for a cost of $20,350.00 and to start advertising within 30 days for bids for construction. The Northwest Council of Local Governments (NACOG) was selected to administer the grant for the project at a cost of $9,250.00.
Approval was made to purchase new air conditioning equipment for the Neighborhood Facilities Building from the low bidder, Winston Sheet Metal in the amount of $14,995.00.
Authorization was given to Mayor Sunseri to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Northwest Council of Local Governments and the Winston County Emergency Management Authority for transit vehicle use in case of a community emergency.
Jonathan Lowe and Richard Roberson were reappointed to the Industrial Development Board for a 6-year term.
The next scheduled meeting of the Haleyville City Council will be Monday, August 21.