Haleyville City Council

The Haleyville City Council met Monday will all members present. Mayor Sunseri tabled an animal control ordinance in order to get more information and legal advice on exactly what the police can do when answering a complaint about dogs inside the city.

The Council approved a request by Albert and Wanda Sue Dodd and Eddie and Lisa Godsey to annex three tracts of their residential property located in Marion County into the Haleyville city limits.

The Council approved a resolution to provide funding all funds necessary to the Employees’ Retirement System to cover the cost of the one-time lump sum payment for eligible retirees and beneficiaries of deceased retirees of the City of Haleyville to be paid in October of this year.

The City Court dates for August and September were changed from the third Thursday to the fourth Thursday of each month. The new court dates are August 31 and September 28.

Mayor Sunseri gave an update on various projects and finances for the city. He stated overall tax income was up in both sales and occupational taxes but alcohol tax was down.   

Mayor Sunseri read a letter from the Smithsonian requesting the loan of the red telephone which in on display in the front lobby of the Haleyville City Hall. This phone was used for the first 9-1-1 phone system in the U.S. which happened in Haleyville in February 1968. The phone would be returned to Haleyville for the 50th-anniversary celebration in June of next year. The Smithsonian requested the phone then be returned to Washington for a permeant display at the Smithsonian. The Council approved the loan but did not make a decision on the permanent transfer to the Smithsonian.

The next meeting of the Haleyville City Council will be next Monday, July 17.