Haleyville Board of Education


The Haleyville Board of Education met Tuesday evening with all members present and approved the expenditures for July in the amount of $1,244,418.44. The Board also approved the general liability/errors and omissions liability insurance fund participation, an amendment to the school’s student handbook and the use of school facilities for supplemental educational services after school hours for HES students for this school year and the use of the HMS lunchroom to the Rotary Club for a BBQ supper September 9.

Seventeen fundraisers were approved along with amendments to the substitute teacher and lunchroom workers list.

The Board approved the hiring of Maribel Cofield as an HES lunchroom worker and the resignation of Abbey Harbin Rae as physical education teacher at the HMS.

Before the meeting Tuesday night, during the work session, the Board held a budget hearing. The second budget hearing will be on September 8. The next regular meeting of the Haleyville Board of Education will be Tuesday, September 27.