Ecycle Successful!

Hundreds of pounds of old computers, TVs and even cable TV boxes were picked up from behind the Haleyville City Hall on December 27, 2018, and transported to a recycling company in Tennessee. Most companies charge for picking up electronic equipment but working with the city, and Paradise 92.7 was able to get it done at no charge to individuals or the city. Six huge overflowing boxes were hauled away. It was one of the largest pickups made according to the recycling company driver. Thanks to everyone who brought their computers or other electronic equipment and to Barry Farris of the Haleyville Street and Sanitation for his assistance. Plans are to do this again in a few months, perhaps tied to a “spring cleaning” campaign. Don’t throw your old computers in the trash, save them and watch for the next opportunity to help keep electronic items out of a landfill.