• HHS First Lost

    The Haleyville High Lions, ranked number 3 in the state in 4A was defeated by the number 2 team, Madison Academy Friday night at Bubby Scott field 31-21. The Lion of the Week as picked by the Paradise 92.7 sportscasters Butch Foster and Craig Wakefield is Hunter Jordan.

    Next Friday is Homecoming against Good Hope. Game time is 7 p.m. but be at the stadium early for the introduction of the Homecoming Queen candidates. The schedule of all the homecoming activities of the week will be posted on hbtv.us as soon as they are received.

  • HHS Football


    The Haleyville High Lions varsity football team will play Madison Academy this Friday night at Bubba Scott Field. Kickoff is 7 p.m. Be there early. At 6:45 the local first responders will be recognized and honored before the game. The game ball will be presented by the first responders. Listen to the game live on Paradise 92.7 with Butch Foster and Craig Wakefield. You can listen on your smartphone with a free Paradise 92.7 app from Apple or Android.

  • HMS Homecoming


    Tuesday night, for the first time ever, a unique event took place at the Haleyville High School Bubba Scott Field at half-time of the Haleyville/Hamilton football game. It was the crowning of the first ever Haleyville Middle School Homecoming Queen, Anna Belcher(photo center). Anna, an 8th grader is on the A and B honor roll and plays on the HMS basketball, softball, and volleyball teams. The other attendants (L-R) were 6th grader Evelyn Kate Carroll, 8th grader Carlie Pendley, 8th grader Kenzie Glover and 7th grader Catie Aldridge. By the way, the Haleyville Middle School football team defeated Hamilton 38-0!

  • Meth Bust


    On Tuesday, September 20, following a tip to the Winston County Sheriff’s Office of drug activity at a Haleyville residence law enforcement officers of the Sheriff’s Office and Haleyville Police went to the residence where a consent to search was granted. The officers found on the property and inside the residence at 669 8th Street, Haleyville, numerous spent Methamphetamine (Meth) labs, components and drug paraphernalia. Following the discovery of meth labs, Eugene Ramey, 63, was arrested at the scene and charged with unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance 1st degree and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was booked into the Winston County Jail. Ramey has a history of prior charges of manufacturing meth.

    Winston County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Josh Silas has filed paperwork to have the residence condemned, pending court proceedings. Other officers who worked on the case include Investigator Brad Curtis, Chief Deputy Bryan Kirkpatrick, Haleyville Police Officers Rodney Shirley and Nathan Whitman.

  • More Scams

    If it looks or sounds too good to be true, it is! With that caveat, more people in the Haleyville area are receiving scam letters and phone calls. Before you give anyone your personal information or send anyone money, stop and think about exactly what you have supposedly won or what the offer really is.

    Just hang up on the callers and throw away the scam letters. Once you show any interest, the con artists will hound you till you give them what you want. It may be your personal information initially, but ultimately it is just a way to get your money.

    Below is a sample of a letter and a check recently received by a local resident. Don’t be a sucker and fall for the scam artists. If it looks too good to be true, it is just another way to get your money.



  • Brady Sherrill is a “Rising Star”


    Brady Sherrill, an outstanding Haleyville High football player, has been selected as a WBRC FOX6 News and America’s First Federal Credit Union “Rising Star” . Brady will be spotlighted on Thursday, September 29th during the 5pm newscast. By being named a Weekly Rising Star, Brady will be allowed to write an essay to compete for one of the $5,000 scholarships that are to be awarded to one or more of the 30 Rising Stars named this school year. We would like to congratulate Brady for this honor. We are proud of him. #GoForGold #HHSLionsPride — atHaleyville High School.

  • Trees-R-Us


    Perhaps you have a tree way to close to your house for comfort and ready to fall on your house the next time we have a storm. You know better than to try doing the work yourself. Call TREES-R-US. With the right equipment and trained personnel to clean up your yard or larger property, TREES-R-US will give you a free estimate. Call Nathan Hulsey today, on his cell, 269-0198. Mention you saw it on hbtv.us. Nathan will treat your right and the price is right.

  • Lions Club Carnival


    The Lions Club Fall Carnival again promises lots of fun for the entire family. Located in the old Piggly Wiggly Parking lot, just across from Walmart, the carnival will run Wednesday, September 28 through Saturday, October 1. It is always great family entertainment. A single ticket will get you rides on everything. From bumper cars to the brand new Ferris wheel. Games of skill, funnel cakes and cotton candy. Bring the kids and grandkids to the Lions Club Carnival in Haleyville Wednesday through Saturday and you will see some happy faces. The kids will have fun too.


  • Business Developement


    Members of the Haleyville area Chamber of Commerce along with local government officials cut the ribbon Tuesday, September 20 on a new source of information to help develop local businesses. The system is called AERN, or the Alabama Entrepreneurial Research Network. Below is information of what is provided by AERN.

    The Alabama Entrepreneurial Research Network (AERN) is a program to enhance business development

    throughout rural Alabama. AERN is directed through The University of Alabama’s Culverhouse College of Commerce

    in partnership with agencies in rural counties. The program has three components:

    Toolkit of Resources. One is to provide computers and peripheral equipment, business software, and other

    business research resources to chambers of commerce, industrial development agencies, or other nonprofit organizations whose mission includes business development in very rural, low-income portions of Alabama.

    Each AERN Center has these resources for use by local entrepreneurs:

    • A computer, printer, and specialized business planning software

    • A set of specialized business reference books

    • Someone who will help you

    Partner organizations make the resources available to the public to encourage potential entrepreneurs to start a

    business, to expand an existing business, or for other economic development work in the target areas.

    Training. The second component is a strong training emphasis. The staffs of the partner agencies receive

    training in how to use the materials and how to help their local constituencies. And, periodically the public is

    offered seminars and workshops.

    • Learn the steps to take when starting your own business

    • Find industry and economic proles of your county

    • Use the Internet effectively in conducting and researching business

    Website. The third component is the AERN website. Many online resources are easily accessible there, and the

    site is designed for ease of use by the lay public.

    From the website you can:

    • Submit questions to the librarians at the Angelo Bruno Business Library at The University of Alabama

    • Locate pointers to useful business information on the Internet

    • Learn more about who we are, what services we offer, and how we can help you. Contact the Haleyville Chamber of Commerce at 205-486-4611 or go to aern.cba..ua.edu.

  • Haleyville City Council


    The Haleyville City Council met Monday afternoon with Royce Benefield absent. The Council approved the August general operation bills and purchase orders in the amount of $406,908.25.

    Two part-time city employees were changed to full-time status with the approval of the Council. Emily Farris is immediate and Starla Watts, pending her completion of the Criminal Justice Program. Vivian Hutcheson was hired as a part-time Class II police and fire dispatcher. Clay Wilson was hired as a police patrolman pending he passes a final interview, his pre-employment physical and a drug test.

    An amendment to an existing city ordinance was approved clearly defining the Haleyville school zone where the operation of mobile telephone or personal digital assistant (PDA) while operating a motor vehicle is prohibited. New signs will be posted in at the entrance to the school zone indicating where the zone is located as well as the hours of enforcement. Basically, this area is all roads, drives, parking lots or access ways which lie east of 18th Avenue on 20th Street or south of Alabama Highway 195 on 20th Avenue. This also includes, but not limited to the access road to and from City Lake. The designated device free times shall be in the mornings when school is in session from 7:15 a.m. until 8:15 a.m. and in the afternoons from 2:30 p.m. until 3:30 p.m. The fine for a violation of this ordinance is $200.00 and becomes effective on October 1.

    In addition to the building permit fees for the city already in place, the Council approved the new fee from the State of Alabama which adds $1.00 for each one thousand dollars of construction authorized on the issuance of any nonresidential construction building permit issued by the City of Haleyville.

    The purchase of trees and shrubbery for the new sports complex was approved in the amount of $13,932.00. Greener Expectations, Inc., was the low bidder at $377.00 per tree for 36 Cryptomeria trees.

    A new agreement with Lakeland Hospital for drug testing was tabled.

    The Council authorized the city to receive quotes on the paving of 22nd Street from Highway 195 next to the nursing home to behind the post office on 13th Avenue.

    A new pump will be purchased for the city pool. The new pump will automatically add water and chemicals as needed and will run at a slower rate during off season. The pump will cost $$5,634.00 installed and is expected to save the city $5,000.00 per year in operating costs.

    The next scheduled meeting of the Haleyville City Council will be Monday, October 3.