JOB QUALIFICATIONS: Must be physically fit and able to perform strenuous work in all types of weather.  Must have valid Alabama driver’s license and be able to acquire Class A CDL license within 6 months and be able to operate heavy equipment.

    Applications may be picked up at the Street & Sanitation Shop located at 1204 10th Avenue. Call Street & Sanitation Supervisor Barry Farris at (205) 486-5025 for more information.

    E.O.E. – A.D.O.

  • Closed for Weather


    The following will be closed Friday, January 6 for inclement weather:

    Haleyville and Winston County Schools

    Franklin County Schools

    Marion County Schools


    Haleyville Senior Citizens Center

    Listen to Paradise 92.7 for weather updates.

  • Russell’s Seat Declared Vacant

    russellThe first meeting of the year for the Haleyville City Council had two seats empty. Councilman Richard Bettinger was absent and the recent death of Councilman George Russell precipitated the Mayor and Council to declare a vacancy on the Council. Mayor Sunseri stated the law allows for the Council to appoint someone to fill the remainder of Russell’s term. The appointment will be made within the next 60 days.

    In other business, the Mayor and Council approved a change order for the new sports complex, specifically for irrigation, sod, and skinned infield to cover for additional sod and fill dirt at a cost of $5,192.00. (Resolution 2017-01)

    The Council approved the acceptance of a grant for $150,000 under the Land and Water Conservation Fund. This money will be used to pave the parking area in the new sports complex.

    Also approved $3,000 the purchase of grass seed, fertilizer, lime and hay and the rental of a mulching machine to stop erosion on the land around the sports complex Trees-R-Us was contracted to place netting and the above material for 2,800.00.

    The city formerly accepted the 2010 Tacoma pickup donated by the family of Mr. Joseph Tarbutton who became disoriented and drove to Haleyville from Pennsylvania in his pickup the weekend before Christmas. Mayor Sunseri stated the pickup will be utilized by the city.

    The retirement of Gary Adams from the Street and Sanitation Department was approved along with approval to advertise for a replacement employee.

    The next scheduled meeting of the Haleyville City Council will be on Monday, January 16 at 5:30 at City Hall.

  • Dead Man Identified

    Winston County Sheriff Tommy Moore has released the name of the man whose body was found Thursday, December 29 in a ravine next to Highway 278 east of Natural Bridge. The man was identified as Harvey Kilgore, Jr., 33, who was last seen alive at the Natural Bridge Motel on November 14. His body was sent to the Alabama State Forensics Lab and the cause of death has not yet been determined. The death investigation is still ongoing.

  • Haleyville City Council

    The Haleyville City Council which normally meets the first and third Mondays each month has rescheduled the meeting for tonight to Tuesday, January 3 at 5:30 p.m. at the Haleyville City Hall. One of the main items will be to declare a vacancy on the council following the recent death of Councilman George Russell. At some point in the near future, it is expected a replacement will be appointed by the Mayor to fulfill the remainder of Mr. Russell’s four-year term.

  • Unidentified Body Found at Natural Bridge

    The body of a badly decomposed male approximately in his mid-twenties to early-thirties was discovered late Thursday afternoon, December 29. in a ravine next to Highway 278 just east of Natural Bridge. A death investigation is being conducted by the Lynn Police Department and the Winston County Sheriff’s Department. The body was sent to the Alabama Department of Forensics to establish identification and determine the cause of death. Sheriff Tommy Moore stated there should be more on this story in a couple of days.

  • Jody is Safe at Home


    jodyThe story of Joseph Tarbutton continues. Mr. Tarbutton lost his way as he went to the store from his home in PA last weekend found himself Monday morning at the Galley Restaurant in Haleyville and told two police officers he did not know where he was. He did know who he was. His family was notified and his daughter and son flew down Monday night to take him home. By Tuesday night, he was safe at home.

    His truck? As a gesture of appreciation to the City of Haleyville, the family of Joseph Tarbutton decided to donate his pickup to the City. Mayor Sunseri said the use or sale of the vehicle will be decided later. Below is the letter Cindy Gotti wrote to the Mayor.


  • Tis The Season For Utility Scams


    The local Alabama Power Company office has received several calls from local businesses reporting scam calls. Alabama Power wants you to know the following:  The holiday season should be a time of joy and celebration. Unfortunately, it is also a time for scam artists to prey on the unsuspecting.

    Scammers hope to profit this time of year as people become preoccupied with gift-buying, festivities, family and travel.

    Scams seem obvious after the fact, but scammers are smart and know they don’t always need to make sense; they just need to scare the intended victim. They want to make the target believe they are in trouble and that they are the only ones who can help. This type of emotional manipulation is easy when it comes to utilities. Electricity, for example, is a vital service, and everyone wants to keep their lights on, their homes warm and their businesses running.

    Let’s be clear

    Alabama Power will never call you on the phone to tell you your power is being shut off. And don’t be fooled by your caller ID. A scammer can “spoof” the phone number to make it falsely appear it is coming from your area. Scammers can even make it show “Alabama Power” on the caller ID, even if their calls are coming from another part of the country or even abroad.

    But don’t lose your holiday spirit. It’s easy to avoid these scams. If someone calls and says your electricity or another vital service is being turned off unless you make an immediate payment, hang up and call your local authorities. This is a crime that should be reported to law enforcement. The next call should be to your utility company’s billing department to confirm your account status and alert them of the scam.

    And if someone comes to your door claiming to be from Alabama Power or another utility and demands immediate payment, do not let them in your home. Call the local authorities right away and then call the utility. If an Alabama Power employee does come to your door for another reason, he or she should be able to provide official identification and will have no issue with you calling the company to confirm the visit is related to legitimate Alabama Power business.

    The best way to squash these scams is to let others know they are taking place, and to not be fooled. So this holiday season, as you go about spreading cheer, think about those near and dear to you who might be vulnerable to scam artists and spread the word.

    Tips to remember

    To avoid being scammed this holiday season, Alabama Power customers should remember:

    • Alabama Power employees will never come to your door and demand an immediate payment.
    •  No employee will ever call and ask you for bank information or a credit card
    • Any Alabama Power employee who comes to your door for any reason will have company identification that he or she will gladly show. If you have any questions about whether a person works for Alabama Power, call 1-888-430-5787 and do not let the employee inside your home until you receive proper verification.
    • Scammers sometimes claim they represent a public agency or government office offering grants that can pay your Alabama Power or other utility bills. Never provide anyone making this claim your credit card information, your Alabama Power Company bill information or account number, or any personal banking information. If someone makes this claim, call Alabama Power or your local police department to report it.
    •  If you ever have any question about the status of your Alabama Power account, do not hesitate to call the company. You can reach Alabama Power Customer Service day or night, seven days a week, at 1-888-430-5787.