Montgomery – October 30 – Haleyville Mayor Ken Sunseri and Lane Bates, manager of the Haleyville Water Department were presented with a “check” representing the approval of a grant for the City of Haleyville for $450,000. The request for the funds came from both the city and the water department. The money will be used for resurfacing 6th, 7th, and 8th Avenues.

    Keith Jones –  Director NACOLG  Northwest Alabama Council of Local Governments

    Representative Ken Johnson

    Governor Kay Ivey

    Mayor Ken Sunseri

    Kenneth Boswell Director Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA)

    Lane Bates Manager Haleyville Water and Sewer

    Heath King –  NACOLG  Community Development Specialist


    MONTGOMERY — Governor Kay Ivey on Wednesday announced that the Appalachian Regional Commission has approved a $1,500,000 grant to the Tombigbee Electric Cooperative for the Haleyville Fiber Infrastructure Project.

    This project will help install 99 miles of new fiber construction which will provide internet access to approximately 252 businesses and over 1,500 households in Marion and Winston Counties.

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  • Fire Destroys Home on 31st Street

    Fire destroyed the home of Linda Clayton at 1605 31st Street 10 am Friday morning. Haleyville and three other fire departments (Bear Creek, Craft, and Delmar) were called out. Haleyville’s first tanker truck arrived on the scene and quickly used all the water it had on board. The HFD’s 6-inch hose was brought to the scene and laid to the nearest hydrant about over a block away. Meanwhile, the wind from the south helped the fire intensity grow. Firemen donned masks and air tanks to attack the fire because of the heavy smoke and wind. The fire was brought under control approximately an hour after their first arrival.

    No one was home at the time of the fire. According to Mrs. Clayon’s daughter, the fire appeared to have started in the utility room, just behind the carport where the fuse box was located. No official cause of the fire has been determined.

  • Phillips She Bears Area Champs

    The Phillips High School She Bears claimed the Class 1A Area 14 volleyball title Tuesday night after defeating the Belgreen Bulldogs in the championship game. The She Bears opened tournament play by defeating Hackleburg.  Next, Belgreen defeated Covenant Christian to set up the championship match. The championship match was a thriller that left fans of both teams on their feet until match point. The She Bears took the first game 25-11. Belgreen came back to win the second game 25-20, but the She-Bears struck again in the third game-winning 25-18. The fourth game was a hard-fought battle throughout, but the She-Bears came out on top 25-23 to seal the victory. Both Phillips and Belgreen will advance to the Super Regional Tournament in Huntsville this Friday. Phillips will take on Mars Hill at 11:30 a.m.

  • Haleyville City Board of Education Meeting

    The Haleyville City Board of Education met Tuesday evening and approved amendments to the salary supplement schedule, the expenditures for September in the amount of $1,414,306.10, the payment of the property insurance and the Middle School Basketball schedule. The Board also approved one request for use of facilities, two field trips, and 6 fundraisers.

    Honoring a 1968 HHS grad, Jerry Jackson, the Board presented Serve With Pride Awards to students in the three schools.

    Mallory Comeens, HES, Mrs. Bice

    Nichols (Ping) Church, HMS, Mr. Wilcoxen

    HHS, Dr. McCoy, Ryan Baccus, Mr. McCullar

  • How Much Can I Win?

    The Mega Millions Lottery is now in the $BILLIONS, what are your chances? If you rolled a die and hit 1 eleven times in a row, then you have some idea of the odds. With a story in mind, last Friday I drove to Tennessee from Haleyville just to see what the fuss was all about. round trip was about 3 hours. Just across and within feet of the Tennessee State line on Highway 43, I went in to make a purchase. It was very easy, once I was past all the people who had purchased and were checking their scratch-off tickets. The Mega Millions Lottery tickets were $2 each and I learned I could either fill out a card with all my favorite numbers, or I could let the computer select for me. I opted for the computer selection.

    So far, no one has won and the prediction is, the total will be over $2 Billion by the Tuesday night drawing. Will I go back for more? Still thinking about it.

    Who gets all the money paid in? It’s up to the sate, but in Tennessee, it goes to education. Alabama remains the only state in the south not having a lottery, but that is like saying Haleyville was dry until it went wet a few ago. I saw a parking lot full of vehicles at the  Tennessee convenience store where the tickets are sold, all with Alabama tags. My understanding is, a lottery may become a reality in Alabama sometime after the election in November. At least the citizens may have a chance to decide. Whether you believe we should have a lottery or not, the truth is, Alabama is losing a tremendous amount of money every day to our surrounding states. Let the folks in Montgomery know how you feel. I think it’s time we had a vote.  That’s my personal opinion, let your legislators know yours.

  • Haleyville Rescue Squad Delivers Relief Supplies

    Members of the Haleyville Rescue Squad collected donations of food, water, and other supplies last Sunday for victims of Hurricane Michael witch devastated a huge area in the Florida panhandle and SW Georgia.  Aside from their parking duties, the Rescue Squad members also collected donations at the Haleyville/Fayette Football game Friday night. Saturday. members picked up items left at both O’Reiley’s and AutoZone during the week, then left for Florida in a filled 26-foot truck. Their destination was the Marianna Florida Evangel Church. The Church is feeding all the workers in that area including law enforcement and fire department personnel plus holding church service for everyone.

    The Haleyville Rescue Squad thanks everyone who made a donation for the people who suffered from the loss of their homes and businesses from Hurricane Michael.