Bolling Gets 2 Years

George R. Bolling, Jr, 55, was sentenced to two years in a federal prison for illegally dispensing opioid painkillers and other controlled substances. He was also sentenced on two counts of illegally transferring oxycodone, an opioid painkiller, between pharmacies he owned in Walker and Fayette counties. Bolling pleaded guilty to the charges in October of last year and will begin serving his sentence on May 8. The five pharmacies Bolling owned were located Berry, Fayette, Vernon, Jasper and Gateway Discount Apothecary in Double Springs. Bolling sold his pharmacies and as part of his plea and sentence, has forfeited his DEA registration numbers and his Pharmacy permits and license number. He also forfeited $75,000 to the government as proceeds of illegal activity. Bolling’s conviction was the result of a long-term investigation started in 2015.