Being prepared is everyone’s responsibility

Mayor Ken Sunseri spoke to the city department heads, representatives from the Haleyville Schools, hospital and media on Tuesday about the importance of being prepared. This was his message.

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have caused catastrophic damage in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida.

Now is the time to plan for disastrous events. Every family should have a communications plan in place. They need to have an emergency kit, with a 3 day supply of water and food. Their kit should contain medications, battery powered radio, flashlight with extra batteries, first aid kit, towels and soap, manual can opener, moist towelettes, wrench and pliers, cash, important family and financial documents and any other personal needs. Kit information is available on

Businesses should have in place an emergency plan so employees can evacuate or shelter in place. Sample plans are available on

The City of Haleyville has an emergency plan in place. However, we must be self-sufficient for a 72 hour period. Then there will be a limited response from the state due to the assistance they are providing other states. Prepare now while we have time.