• New Trucking Terminal

    Pictured above, Rickey Witt and his son Dustin, (shown with wife Danya) have been operating the J&J Trucking company in Haleyville. The Witts recently entered into an agreement with Cargo Solution Express, (CSE) of Fontana, CA to operate a truck terminal located on a 17-acre site in Delmer. The papers had already been signed a week before when Bobby Kang, CEO of CSE, (5th from left) along with other members of his company flew into the Haleyville airport on Thursday, January 16 to visit with the Witts and see where the terminal will be located. The Witt Advisement Group will operate the facility which has a 90 X 100-foot 3-bay building on the site which will hold up to three full-sized 18-wheelers with trailers and be able to shut the doors. The company will be performing maintenance and dispatching 18 trucks the company currently has, increasing to 30 trucks with an additional 20 trucks from Cargo Solution Express, a total of 50 within a month. The plan is to ramp up to 75 trucks by 2021 and 150 trucks by 2022.

    Dustin said he started in the trucking business with $15,000 from his tax return and 1-ton truck. Company offices are located next to the garage facility in Delmar.

    Cargo Solution Express has a fleet of 750+ tractors and 1,600+ trailers with a network of terminals throughout the country. You can learn more about the company at cargosolutionexpress.com.

  • Dog Bite Problem Brought to City Council

    Three ladies were in attendance at the Monday night City Council meeting on January 6 to complain about two pit bull dogs on 15th Avenue. One lady acting as a spokesperson said she jogs early every morning down 15th and had been attacked, but not bitten by the dogs. Then she discovered Crystal Wade, who lives two doors down from the house the dogs came from had been attacked and bitten. Crystal was on her daughter’s front porch (next door to the house below) to tell her and her kids to stay inside because of the dogs. She saw the dogs coming toward her so she bent over to protect her unborn child. One of the dogs bit her on the face. Her daughter’s boyfriend came out and he was bitten. Crystal had to have 27 stitches to her face as seen in the photo below. The dog was apprehended and is presently being held in Double Springs. The other dog has not been found, nor the owner of the dogs. 

    The house on 15th Avenue, where the two pit bull dogs allegedly were kept but not restrained.

    The question was asked about a leash ordinance. Haleyville does have one and it has been on the books for years. It basically says that any dog inside the city limits and police jurisdiction has to be kept on the property of the owner either by a fence or a leash. They cannot roam free.

    This has been a recurring problem for many years because many feel they do not need to restrain their dogs. For animal control, Haleyville uses the services of a couple who live in Winfield. As one police officer stated, they don’t come out at night and don’t always come when called because they cover both Winston and Marion Counties and by the time they do, the dogs are no longer where they were reported to be.

    Another question was why can’t the Halevyille police do something about all the dogs roaming the city.  Police officers are not animal control officers and do not have the equipment to trap or control any animal.

    The procedure if you experience a problem with dogs in Haleyville is to call the Police dispatcher at 205-486-5201. The dispatcher will, in turn, contact the animal control officers to hopefully resolve the problem.

    In other business, the Council is still considering the purchase of a new fire truck for the city. Acting Fire Chief Terrell Baccus presented updated info on the pricing and availability of a new truck.

    The next scheduled Haleyville City Council meeting will be Tuesday, January 21, because of Martin Luther King Day on Monday, January 20.

  • New Winston County Sheriff

    Horace Moore, with Mrs. Moore with a Bible, being sworn in by Winston County Probate Judge, Sheila Moore

    Because of a medical problem that requires surgery, and perhaps a long recovery time, Winston County Sheriff Tommy Moore recently resigned his position and Governor Kay Ivey appointed Horace Moore to fill the remainder of Tommy Moore’s term. Horace Moore, the publisher of the Northwest Alabamian, will serve as Sheriff until the next election, which is in November 2022.

    Sheriff Horace Moore being congratulated by Haleyville Police Chief Kyle Reogas

  • Addison Man Shoots and Kills Parents

    A Christmas Eve shooting in Addison is being investigated after a man called 9-1-1 and said he killed his parents, according to the Addison Police Department. Addison Police Chief Mitchell Woodard reportedly received a call around 6:10 p.m. Tuesday from dispatch saying a man called 9-1-1 to report he had shot and killed his parents.

    Police said dispatch kept the man, 30-year-old Allen Previtt, on the phone until officers arrived at the scene. Upon arrival, two officers encountered Previtt in the front yard on the phone with one hand in the air. Police said Previtt was taken into custody without incident.

    Inside the house, officers said they found 71-year-old Frank Previtt and 63-year-old Rita Previtt shot to death. Both were pronounced dead on the scene.

    According to news reports, Allen told officers a fight with his parents, which led to the shooting. Allen is in the Winston County Jail on no bond, but the exact charge has not been made yet. The Winston County Sheriff’s Office and the Alabama Bureau of Investigation are now investigating the case.

  • Haleyville City Schools BOE

    The Haleyville City Schools Board of Education met Tuesday, a week early due to the holidays next week. The Board approved a one-time payment to all certified employees of $100 and $50 for all non-certified employees. According to Superintendent Holly Sutherland, this was done as a “thank-you” to all the employees who have worked hard for STEM certification of all four schools, first in the nation to do so, in addition to many other great achievements.

    Baseball schedules for HHS and HMS were approved along with the Board expenditures for the month of November in the amount of $1,597,079.10. Three field trips, two fundraisers and amendments to the substitute teacher and nurses lists.

    Board President Donna Jones was recognized for having achieved Level 3 by the Alabama School Boards Association.

    Principals presented the Serve with Pride Award to teachers in their respective schools. Vickie Bishop and Christy Bice, HES Principal

    Amy Farris and Bo Wilcoxen, HMS Principal

    Judd Williams and Bo Wilcoxen, HMS Principal

    Kerry Brown and Davey Reed, HHS Principal

    Reggie Tolbert and Davey Reed, HHS Principal

  • Haleyville City Council

    The Haleyville City Council met Tuesday night with all members present. The Council approved the general operation bills and purchase orders for November in the amount of $325,163.46. Mayor Sunseri read a proclamation condemning human trafficking and asking for citizens to help in reporting any activity which may involve this crime.

    Royce Benefield was re-appointed to the Healthcare Authority Board.

    The purchase of a new fire truck was discussed. The Council will make a decision at the first meeting in January. Meanwhile, an effort will be made to find the best price and take bids from local banks on financing the approximate $300,000 fire truck over 6 years.

    Mayor Sunseri read an email outlining a  plan of RPS Ambulance Service to add an Advance truck in Hamilton to help reduce the wait time for an ambulance. The Advance truck will mainly be used as a transfer and discharge vehicle, and as a backup to the regular medic ambulances when needed. The medical services available from the Advance truck will be less than from medics in the ambulances, however, it will help meet the increased demand for medical transportation.  Plans call for a day Advance truck to be located in Haleyville also.

    The Council discussed problems concerning a local business, then went into a closed session to discuss legal issues with the city attorney, Jeff Mobley. The City is exploring the possibility of revolting the business license due to complaints and problems.

    The next Haleyville City Council meeting will be Monday, January 6, City Hall.

  • Haleyville Christmas by the Lake

    Presented by the Haleyville Fire Department, Christmas by the Lake continues to draw large numbers of people to view the Christmas lighting on the City Lake and to visit with Santa.

    Christmas by the Lake will be opening Dec 11. Sunday thru Thursdays 6-9. Friday and Saturday 6-10. Every night till the 25th. Santa will be there every night except the 24th and 25th.

  • Tombigbee (Freedom Fiber) Awarded $29.5 Million

    Students from the Haleyville schools, and other area school students attended a special program Thursday, December 5 at the Tombigbee Electric Cooperative Warehouse in Hamilton to hear the announcement of an award of $29,495,232 as a 50% loan-grant combination in the first round of the U.S. Department of Agriculture”s (USDA) ReConnect Pilot Program.

    The company will use the awarded funds to develop an All-Dielectric Self Supporting (ADSS) fiber network and extend Freedom Fiber, the company’s ultra-high-speed fiber-optic service, to 1,100 square-miles of unserved areas of Marion, Lamar, Fayette, Franklin, Winston and Walker counties in Northwest Alabama. This investment is anticipated to reach 2,152 households, 20 farms, 15 businesses, 10 critical community facilities, five educational facilities, and one health care facility. Increased broadband will improve education, economic development, safety and quality of life.

    Freedom Fiber is currently connected in Hamilton and Winfield, with construction underway in Haleyville, Hackleburg, Sulligent, and Vernon. If you have not signed up for Freedom Fiber, you can do so by clicking on this link: www.freedomfiber.com