9-1-1 Gets New System

DEBBIE TIDWELLSTACY PALMERDebbie Tidwell standing and Stacy Palmer sitting, Winston County 9-1-1 Dispatchers

The Winston County E 9-1-1 Communications District has recently completed an equipment upgrade project that included a Next-Generation 9-1-1 Call Taking solution along with a Computer Aided Dispatch and Mapping application that will enhance the Districts ability to gather and maintain accurate dispatch data and prepare for future Next-Generation capabilities as they become available. The District expended funds in the amount of $233,587.74 collectively for the new systems.

The District contracted with Ryan Public Safety Solutions (RPSS) for the purchase, installation and maintenance services of the new equipment.   The Call Taking solution is an Airbus VESTA 9-1-1 solution that will deliver 9-1-1 and administrative call processing capabilities from a fully integrated Internet Protocol (IP) soft switch that will also provide complete redundancy in operation.    

A new Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Mapping solution from GeoConex is also part of the new configuration and will enhance the dispatching capabilities of both dispatchers and supervisory personnel.  The application aids in identifying the location of the caller and can easily distinguish the status of active calls, while recording various status times, radio communications history, and historical calls.  This multipurpose tool also allows the dispatcher the ability so schedule pre-planned events and automated reporting capabilities that will improve ISO communications ratings.

Eaton/Wright-Line was awarded the contract for dispatch consoles for the center to accommodate the equipment upgrade. Eaton/Wright-Line is a leader in the design and manufacture of sophisticated communications consoles that are designed to accommodate current and emerging technology in emergency communications and dispatch.

The comprehensive system has been in the planning phase by District Director Tim Webb for almost two years with the support and approval of the District’s Board of Directors. With the advent of the new system, the District will migrate away from paper documents and move to digital storage for almost every phase of daily operations. The IP-based system is capable of utilizing the developing statewide ANGEN network that will replace the current 9-1-1 network that has been used since the early inception of 9-1-1.

The new upgrade replaces a legacy system that had been in operation since 2003 and the consoles replace built-in cabinetry in use since 1999.

Ryan Public Safety Solutions staff has over 75 years of design, installation, and maintenance experience in the emergency communications industry and is located in Guntersville Alabama.

Airbus VESTA 9-1-1 is a product of Airbus Defense and Space and is a world leader in NextGen communications systems.

GeoConex Corporation has been serving the public safety industry since 2001. GeoConex is a leading integrator of Public Safety and Homeland Security systems and is located in Knoxville Tennessee.

– Tim Webb, Director, Winston County 9-1-1.