• Tabby with white socks kittens – Black fuzzy kittens


    We have two litters of kittens looking for a forever home with you! This sweet tabby is Mirajane. Her siblings Lucy, Levy, Gray and Jellal are varying shades of gray tabbys with white sock feet and gray/green eyes and look similar to her. Mira has orange splotches on the tips of her ears. Levy is a solid tabby without socks. They are twelve weeks old.

    On September 1st, our fuzzy black kittens Sam, Dean, Nick, Damon and Luka will be two months old. These little guys are full of energy and will not sit still for a good picture. (They all look the same but Sam and Dean have the longest fur.) I don’t know their eye color yet (still changing) but their mom has gold eyes, so maybe gold or green. Their mommies are very young, so I have helped tend these babies since birth and they are used to human contact and very sweet. I want them to be spoiled rotten and have happy and long lives. To that effect, please be prepared to answer a few pre-adoption questions. I will only adopt them in pairs or more. Kittens do better socially when they can stay with a sibling. These litters are cousins to each other. I will consider loving INDOOR homes ONLY. No Dogs or other vicious animals. (tiny non-aggressive little house dogs would be okay) Please keep in mind kittens are a long term commitment. If you are interested in making these little guys part of your family, please call or text 205-269-7773 (I work during the day. Leave a message if no answer.) Or you may email me at brynna@brynnacurry.com I can send pics on request since only one loads with the ad. Thanks.