• Calico Kittens


    I have two beautiful long hair calico kittens who need a home. I can not keep them myself (I have several cats, plus ferals, already and more kittens to give away soon.) I found them in a metal barrel near the garbage a couple of weeks ago and they were so scrawny! I think they are kittens of some of the feral cats, but they are so sweet and playful. Very tame. They are putting on weight and quite well now and ready for a forever home. I will only adopt them as a pair as kittens do better socially when they can stay with a littermate. They only have each other so I can’t separate them. Judging from size, I think they are about 9-11 weeks old (eyes have fully changed color.) I will only consider loving INDOOR ONLY homes without dogs or other vicious animals. Please keep in mind when you adopt a kitten, she will be a member of your family for up to twenty years or more. Kittens are a long term commitment. I want these babies to have happy homes and long lives. If you are interested, please email me at brynna [at] brynnacurry.com.or you can call/text 205-269-7773. I work during the day. If no answer, please leave a message. Thanks.