• Zeto Leaves Haleyville April 5

    Zeto Media has notified its customers it will shut down its remaining internet service on April 5. Zeto, which acquired the cable company from Charter several years ago had already ceased providing cable TV and attempted to concentrate on a better internet service. Apparently, cable TV signals interfered with internet signals. The internet service did improve, but the cost of maintaining the system became too much for the Pennsylvania based company with few customers.  This will end the cable system in Haleyville, which was founded originally by John Slatton in the early 70s. The company has gone through many owners over the years and once the cable company’s local office closed, service was never as good as customers expected. Dish and Direct were major factors in taking many customers from cable. It was a steady decline until the end.

    The Internet is now available only from CenturyTel with wired service and Cyber Broadband with wireless service. There are a couple of satellite services such as Hughes Net and Viasat. Mayor Ken Sunseri stated last week Freedom Fiber should begin installing fiber optic service in April.

    I have been a customer of Cyber Broadband out of Cullman, formerly Total Solutions Guys, for several years. It is wireless and works on WiFi. I have been very happy with their service, but the quality of service depends on your location. It is a line of sight system thus location is everything.