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  • Haleyville City Council

    The Haleyville City Council met Tuesday with Blue Russell absent. The Council approved the operation bills and purchase orders for January in the amount of $421,663.32. A resolution in support of the efforts of the Alabama League of Municipalities, Governor Ivey and the Alabama Legislature to enact additional motor fuel taxes to alleviate the shortfall in infrastructure funding and provide for a more equitable share of statewide infrastructure funding for municipalities was discussed but did not pass.

    A variance for Greenleaf/Shadybrook apartments was approved. These facilities had been grandfathered in was a zoning variance for residential usage. The area would normally be classified as a business zone due to its location next to Highway 195. The apartment complex has applied for a grant to renovate and wanted to make sure there was no problem in their application.

    The Council approved the termination of all RDS/AVNU contracts with the city. RDS has had a contract for many years to collect taxes and business license fees for the city. Mayor Sunseri stated the city had received many complaints about the company and decided to cancel the contract within 90 days.

    Information about another company was presented by Phil Graves, former Mayor of Guin, to provide the same service. The Council decided to see what other options were available before making a decision for a replacement.

    The next Council meeting will be on Monday, March 4, 5:30, at the Haleyville City Hall.