• First Day of School, Put Your Phone Away!

    Please keep this in mind, not only today but every day in while dropping off or picking up your kids at school. In Haleyville, it is against the law to use your cell phone in the school zone. You can be ticketed for doing so. A few years ago, a crossing guard actually wound up on the hood of a lady’s car because the driver was distracted by a phone. As a result, the city passed an ordinance prohibiting the use of phones while driving a vehicle in the area of the schools.

    There are new laws and regulations about what you should do when near a school bus. Those new laws are posted here on hbtv.us.

    All of our kids are precious, and no one should be injured or hurt while traveling to or from school.



  • BOE

    The Haleyville Board of Education met Tuesday afternoon with only one item on the agenda. The Board approved the hiring of Candy Hicks Garner as STEAM instructional coach.