• HFD Receives Grant

    On Friday, July 28, the Haleyville Fire Department was awarded a federal grant in the amount of $13,334 for the purchase of a turnout gear washer/extractor and gear drying system in round 12 of the 2016 Department of Homeland Security’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) program. The AFG program is administered by the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency in cooperation with the U.S. Fire Administration.

    The $13,334 grant to the Haleyville Fire Department will be used to purchase a washer/extractor and drying system. This grant will extend the life of firefighter protective clothing and remove contaminants including carcinogens and biohazardous materials from the protective clothing. The grant will bring the department into NFPA and OSHA compliance for the care and maintenance of firefighter protective clothing.

    The grant award of $13,334 covers 95% of the total estimated cost ($14,000) of the washer and drying system. The fire department is responsible for the remaining 5% of the cost of the new equipment which will be approximately $666.

    The FY2016 Assistance to Firefighter Grant (AFG) funding has an appropriation of $310,500,000 to support fire and EMS Operations and Safety Grants, Firefighting and Emergency Vehicle Grants, and Fire Prevention and Safety Grants