• Single Vehicle Crash

    Just after noon on Thursday, July 6, a car driven by Debra Toole left Highway 195, ran into a ditch knocking down a road sign and struck a storage shed in the parking lot of the Winston Co-Op. Reportedly, one of the two small children in the back seat had a cut finger, but otherwise, there were no serious injuries. The cause of the crash is unknown and was investigated by the Haleyville Police Department.

  • A Shocking Experience

    Sixteen-year-old Faith Mobley had a shocking experience on Wednesday, July 5th while working at McDonald’s in Haleyville. Faith was working in the kitchen area washing a gravy bowl with her hands in the water when she saw a flash of lightning as it struck nearby and apparently entered the building, She immediately felt the effect of the electrical charge as it went through her body from her drive-thru headset and exited through her foot. She stated everything tightened up, her muscles spasmed and her body went numb. One of her co-workers caught her as she was falling backward.

    She was transported to UAB burn center in Birmingham where she was checked and found to be fine. Reportedly, she did have a blister on her foot and a hole in her shoe which she stated was not there earlier. However, there were two strange side-effects from the incident. She wore glasses before and afterwards, she stated she cold see fine without them. Also, her eyes were dark green but changed to a light green.

    Faith had skipped several grades and had graduated from high school in May and is a Bevill State Community College student. She was released from UAB Thursday and returned home.

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