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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Guthrie's Express Now Open in Village East

Seeing in the dark

Harold Bearden

In March of this year, three young girls walked into a wooded area just off 12th Avenue below Nichols Funeral Home, looking for a water fall. As darkness fell, they became lost. Unable to locate the girls, family members called 9-1-1 and help came in the form of a special Alabama State Trooper helicopter. The Bell 407, sometimes referred to as a Bell Jet Ranger, flew to Haleyville and with general directions from fire and rescue workers on the ground, began an aerial search using onboard infrared senors made by a company called FLIR Systems. FLIR is an acronysm for Forward Looking Infrared and the name of the company which has been making infrared equipment for the military for decades. Fortunarly, the equipment and technology has been widely adopted for use in the civilian world.

The Alabama State Troopers operate FLIR equiped helicopters out of Cullman, Birminham and Fairhope. These helicopters are used primarily to locate missing people or even criminals who try to escape law enforcement officers by hiding in heavily wooded areas. A specially equiped Bell 417 helicopter, stationed in Montgomery, has rescue hoist equipment to facilitate rescue by air if a person is located in an area inaccessable by ground. 

Trooper Pilot Mike Manly and Tactical Flight Officer Greg Horn from the Cullman base, have flow 15 rescue missions this year. Their most recent was locating a couple of people who had washed ashore and became lost after tipping a canoe in a river. Manly and Horn recently returned to Haleyville to demonstrate to local firemen and rescuers how their equipment works. The heat from a human body can be detected even from a great distance. The troopers can notify ground searchers of the exact GPS coordinates so they can be quickly located on the ground as the little girls were in March. For more information about FLIR see http://www.flir.com/US/. 

Masons Give to Cub Scouts

Sam Poe

Haleyville Masonic Lodge 464 recently donated funds to the Haleyville Cub Scout Pack 97 for the purchase of new uniforms. Shown in the photo above are representatives of Haleyville Masonic Lodge 464 and Cub Scout Pack 97. 


Back row (left to right): Van Tidwell-treasurer, Chad Bell-Sr. Deacon, Zach Knight- Sr. Warden, Mike Boyles- Secretary and District Lecturer, Craig Thomas- Worshipful Master, Forest Hyde- Past Master and 60 year Mason, Steve Cosbie- Jr. Warden, and Robert Parrish- Jr. Deacon


Front row (left to right): Izaiah Hudson-Wolf, Brody Harris- Webelo, Andy Rea- Wolf, R.J. Rea- Bear

AL Supreme Court Refuses Hearing


Photo Courtesy of the Alabama Department of Corrections

In August 2009, Christie Bray Scott was sentenced to death following a capital murder conviction for her son’s death. Scott has been convicted of setting fire to the family’s Russellville home in August 2008, resulting in the death of her six year old son, Mason. Scott is originally from Bear Creek, and she is also the first woman to receive the death sentence in Franklin County. 


In 2012, Scott’s attorney appealed the decision to the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals who upheld the conviction and death sentence. Scott’s attorney then made an appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court. In this appeal, Scott’s attorney named 22 issues they believed were errors in the appellate court’s ruling. Last week, the Supreme Court voted 5-1 to refuse to hear the issues, with one judge abstaining from the vote. Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing stated this further affirmed the conviction and death sentence and shows the lack of merit for the claims of errors in the case. The appeals process can now continue to the United States Supreme Court if Scott’s attorney chooses to pursue the appeal. 


Scott is currently being held on death row at Julia Tutweiler Prison for Women in Wetumpka. 


For more on this story, [CLICK HERE].

Lions Wipeout the Wildcats

Sam Poe

The Haleyville Lions faced the Wildcats of Central (of Florence) High School Friday evening. The Lions were able to capture a big 53-35 win. Here’s a look at the scoring summary for the game.

The one and only score of the first quarter came from a 42 yard run by Brady Sherrill. Reyes added the point after to take the Lions up 7-0 with 2:52 remaining in the opening quarter. The second quarter was full of action by both teams. With 11:51 remaining in the half, Sherrill scored another Lions TD on a 1 yard run, and Reyes again completed the point after attempt to take the Lions up 14-0. With 9:57 remaining, Corinthian Graham scored on a 5 yard run, and Murphy completed the kick to take the score to 14-7 Lions. Next, QB Conner Kiser scored for the Lions on a 12 yard run and then completed a two point conversion play with Kiser to Evans to take the Lions up 22-7 with 6:28 remaining in the half. The Wildcats scored with 3:56 on the clock on another Graham 24 yard run, but they were unable to complete the point after attempt. The Lions continued to lead 22-13. The final scoring drive of the first half was a 3 yard run for the Wildcats by Denton Chandler. The Wildcats then completed the two point conversion, leaving the halftime score 22-21 in favor of the Haleyville Lions.

After another stellar halftime performance of the Roaring Lions Band, the teams returned to the field for the second half of play. The Lions struck first with 10:36 remaining in the third. QB Kiser completed an 18 yard TD pass to Jonas Dodd and then a two point conversion play Kiser to Dodd to take the Lions up 30-21. Central returned on a Clayton Chaplin 26 yard run and two point conversion with 7:33 remaining in the third. The Lions held on to the lead 30-29.  Then, Antonio Reyes added three points to the board for Haleyville with a 33 yard field goal with 0:39 remaining in the quarter. The final quarter began with a 28 yard run by Central’s Denton Chandler to take the Wildcats up 35-33 with 11:23 remaining in the game. Haleyville returned the kickoff 72 yards to regain the lead for the Lions 39-35 after the two point conversion play failed. With 6:45 remaining, Kiser completed a 27 yard pass to Posey, and Reyes completed the point after attempt to take the Lions up 46-35. The final scoring drive of the game was a Conner Kiser 80 yard run and the extra point added by Reyes with 3:34 remaining in the game. The final score was Haleyville 53 Central 35.


New Business License Regulations


October 1st is the first day business owners around the State of Alabama will be able to purchase a business license for 2014. Because of a new law, business owners now have to provide the Federal Employee Identification Number or the Social Security Number in order to obtain a business license. This law was passed by the Alabama legislature earlier this year in order to streamline the business license process and as the first step toward business license reform in the state.  The last day to purchase the 2015 license without penalty is October 31, 2014. 

HCS Celebrates Homecoming

Sam Poe

This week, Haleyville City Schools will celebrate Homecoming. The week will be filled with activities in Haleyville City Schools, including a theme each day, the annual homecoming parade, and a pep rally. Activities for the week will conclude Friday evening at the football game against Cordova. This game will be a big regional matchup for the team, and the announcement of this year’s Homecoming Queen will be made during the halftime ceremony. The following young ladies have been named to this year’s Homecoming Court.


9th Grade- Kayleigh White

10th Grade- Anna Laine Godsey

11th Grade- Maddie Lowman

12th Grade- Rachel Bailey, Makenzie Holley, Danielle Rader, Hannah Rader, and Caroline Walker

Homecoming Themes


The Haleyville Lions will celebrate Homecoming this week, with the Homecoming Game and Halftime Celebration Friday, October 3, 2014. Each day this week will have a different theme for student participation. Here’s a look at what to expect this week!


Monday- “Can’t Hide Our Pride”- Camo Day

Tuesday- “Make Them See Stars”- America Day (Wear red, white, and blue.)

Wednesday- “Be Their Worst Nightmare”- Pajama Day

Thursday- “Lions Have Class”- Dress your BEST Day

Friday- “Beat Cordova”- Spirit Day! (Wear red and white, spirit shirts, or homecoming shirts.)


Please remember the dress code must still be followed with these themes. 

Drayer Ribbon Cutting

Sam Poe

Drayer Physical Therapy Institute celebrated the opening of their new expanded location in the old Walmart building on Highway 195 in Haleyville. Drayer is the fourth and final business in the Action Properties location. Drayer was originally in the same mall but located several doors down. In the new location, they not only expanded with an area three times the size of the original location, but they also added an inground pool to offer aquatic therapy. The Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held Thursday evening. 

Week 6 Football


Here’s a glimpse at Week 6’s High School Football action for area schools. 


Haleyville 53 Central 35

Phil Campbell 0 Phillips 24

Winston County 41 Carbon Hill 8

Winfield31 Hamilton 38

Brilliant 22 Hackleburg 45

Lynn 14 Sumiton Christian 7

Marion County 6 Colbert Heights 27

Meek 28 Vina 8

Addison- Off

HCS Adopts Sex Offender Policy

Sam Poe

At Tuesday evening’s Haleyville City Board of Education, the board approved a Sex Offender Policy for Haleyville City Schools. Here is a detailed look at the policy. 


“For the safety and security of all students, all adult sex offenders will be monitored by the school principal, or designee, while on Haleyville City Schools’ grounds or while attending Haleyville City Schools’ activities.


For the safety and security of all students, all adult sex offenders must report immediately to the principal of the school, or designee, upon entering school property or arriving at a K-12 school activity. When reporting to the principal or designee the adult sex offender will inform them of the rationale for his or her visit (who they are there to see and why) as well as where they plan to be during the activity (general location). The adult sex offender will also notify the principal or designee when they exit school grounds or the school activity. The school principal or designee, through visual observation, will periodically and discreetly monitor the whereabouts of the adult sex offender to the best of their ability while on school grounds or during the school activity. At no time should the adult sex offender be in an unsupervised area with K-12 students or in an area where they can not be observed by the principal or designee.”


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