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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Guthrie's Express Now Open in Village East

Band Brings Broadway

Sam Poe


With football season quickly approaching, many fans are also anticipating the first performance of the Roaring Lion Band. The band also had a very successful season last year bringing in multiple awards in all areas. Here's your first glance at what to expect this season, straight from Band Director, Mr. Reggie Tolbert.  

How many band members do we have? Majorettes? Color guard?   

78 Winds and percussion, 24 Colorguard, and 8 Majorettes

How many seniors make up the band?

8 in the colorguard and majorettes and 10 in the winds and percussion for 18 total

Are there any additional leaders/sponsors?

Joshua Wakefield helps with the percussion, and Mrs. Farris helps with the majorettes and colorguard.

Who is the drum major? 

Brandon Thrasher

What will the halftime show consist of this year? Songs? 

Our theme is The Best of Broadway—“The the Tony Award goes to…” 

The songs will be "No Business like Show Business,"" On Broadway,"" Can’t take my Eyes off of You" by the Jersey Boys, "Don’t Rain on my Parade" from Funny Girl, and "Les Miserable."

When can fans expect the first performance for the 2014-15 Roaring Lion Band? 

We will be going to Winston Co. for the first game, although it is a week earlier than normal.  Our goal is to have the first three songs on the field; however, that is quite ambitious for this early in the season.  I like to incorporate a lot of movement and our auxiliaries into the shows.

Since the band also competes, and does very well in competitions, when will the first competition be? How many total competitions do you expect to participate in this year? 

We're not exactly sure about where we will attend this season, but I plan on pushing our kids to go to at least three this season.

This year the band will also be getting new uniforms. Would you like to give us an idea of what to expect?

Actually we do have new uniforms on the way; however, we are not exactly sure when we will get them.  The date is 135-165 days from order so we are just waiting and hoping at this point that they will be in by the first home game.  As for the look, we really tried to capture the spirit and pride of this community and our school system as well as be practical so that we can use them for many years.  I think our community will be pleasantly surprised.

Additional comments from Mr. Reggie Tolbert:

I just want to thank the community, our wonderful administration, and board of education for all the support we are given each year.  They are truly a joy to work for and our board is so supportive.  A big thanks also goes to all our parents and students for the hard work they put into making our program a success.  I also need to thank our band boosters organization. They work so hard every year to make sure our students are taken care of as well as supporting us monetarily.


One Injured in Rollover

Sam Poe

There was a one vehicle accident on State Highway 129 near the intersection of Loveless Lane. The accident occurred Monday evening at approximately 4:30. Joshua Smith, 27 of Bear Creek, was driving the 1995 Chevrolet Blazer northbound on State Highway 129 when he lost control and left the roadway. According to officials on the scene, the vehicle rolled several times before landing upright and facing southbound off the shoulder of the road. Smith was transported to Lakeland Community Hospital by ambulance. The Haleyville Fire Department, Haleyville Police Department, and Alabama Department of Public Safety responded to the scene. The accident is under investigation by the Alabama Department of Public Safety. 

Haleyville City Council

Sam Poe

The Haleyville City Council met for the regularly scheduled council meeting Monday evening, and Councilman Royce Benefield was absent. The following items were approved.

  • council and work session minutes from 08/04/2014
  • July general operational bills in the amount of $326,470.55
  • renewal of lease on bulldozer for work at the Haleyville Sportsplex
  • lease agreement with Fontaine Trailer Company for the old Frontier property for one year at $250 per month
  • approval of low bid to Robinson and Sons in the amount of $20,240 for work at the Scout Hut in South Haleyville
  • hire of Doug Mayhall as school crossing guard at $12.50 per shift with two shifts per day
  • rescheduling of Sept. 1 council meeting to Sept. 2 due to Labor Day holiday

Two items were also tabled until the next Haleyville City Council meeting. One item is the approval to purchase land for the new Haleyville Fire Station. This item was tabled due to a holdup on some documentation. The other item tabled at Monday's meeting was purchasing a vehicle for the City Enforcement Officer, Jeff Postell. This item was tabled for further discussion. 

Car Fire

Sam Poe

There was a car fire Monday around 2:30 p.m. at the intersection of 20th Street and 13th Avenue. Michelle Hutcheson was driving the Ford Taurus on 20th Street when it caught fire. The Haleyville Fire Department responded quickly and extinguished the fire, containing most of the damage under the hood of the car. There were no injuries. The Haleyville Police Department also provided traffic control to the area. 

Lions on the Prowl

Sam Poe

The week so many have waited on has finally arrived. Football season begins this Friday for Haleyville High School! Following a great 10-2 season and the hire of a new Head Coach for the Haleyville Lions, many fans are excited to see the Lions on the field and are filled with many questions about what the new season will hold. We took a moment with new Haleyville High School Coach Bo Culver to talk about expectations for the coming season and his overall impression since arriving on campus in the spring. Also, for a more in-depth week to week chat, make sure to listen to the Leo Preview Show on Paradise 92.7 each Friday at 7:00 a.m. Shannon Lollar, David Albright, Coach Bo Culver, and other guests will start your Fridays off right with all the action of Haleyville High School.

How many varsity football players make up the Haleyville Lions this season?

52 players total (15 seniors, 4 juniors, 14 sophomores, and 19 freshmen)

This year's schedule starts with three away games. Do you feel like this will help us, hurt us, or make no difference whatsoever?  

I actually enjoy playing on the road.  It’s fun going into hostile environments and playing in those conditions.  From a winning or losing standpoint we don’t approach a game any differently if it’s at home or on the road so I don’t think it will make much difference.

Coming off a 10-2 season and finishing in the second round of playoffs, what is the overall goal for the season?  

I believe every team that competes should have a goal of winning a state championship.  That’s the ultimate prize on the field, but our ultimate goal is to build men of integrity and teach them lessons that they can build a life on.

Who are some of the key players to watch for this season?

QB-Conner Kiser, WR/DB-Dylan Posey, WR-Jonas Dodd, C/DL-Wil Beckmann, DL-Jesse Overton, DE-Adam Broyles, T/DL-Austin Ramos, LB-Dakota Morris, T/DL-Alston mays, OL- Daniel Chavira, OL/DL-Mathew Tucker, WR-Walker Hughes, WR-Zach Campbell, WR-Cole Southern, WR/DB-Ty Lollar

Do we have any injuries that will change up the look on the field for the first game, and if so, when do we expect them to return, if at all?

We are healthy.

Who are the coaches, and what positions do they fill?

Bo Culver-Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks; Todd McNutt-Defensive Coordinator; Dusty Ball-Wide Receivers/Special Teams Coordinator; Josh Dobbins-Defensive Line/Strength and Conditioning; Miles Holcomb-Offensive Line; Trey George-Running Backs; Adam Lawler-Inside Linebackers; Chuck Moody-Wide Receivers; Trent Williams-Quarterbacks; Alex DeLeon-Outside Linebackers; Destin Dye-Defensive Backs

What is your top priority for lessons to teach the boys? Will that lesson be taught on the field, in the classroom, in the community, or in a little of all of it?

We build men of integrity.  That lesson can be taught and implemented anywhere. I do believe that the football field is one of the best teachers in the world.

As a first year head coach at HHS, have you been surprised by anything? Good or bad?

The support from this community is amazing.  I have also been very pleased with the way our young men have bought in and adapted to new systems.

And the final remarks from Coach Bo Culver: Roar Lions and God Bless! II Corinthians 5:21!

HFD Seeks New Members


Haleyville Fire/Rescue is currently taking applications to become a volunteer (paid-on-call) member. Applications to become a volunteer (paid-on-call) firefighter are available during normal business hours at the Haleyville Fire Department or Haleyville City Hall. Applications will be taken from anyone 18 years of age or older that live in or within a 5 mile radius of the Haleyville Fire coverage area. New volunteer members are approved by the city council upon recommendations of a committee consisting of the Chief, Assistant Chief, Mayor or fire department council liaison and two members at large of Haleyville Fire/Rescue. All new members will be required to pass a medical physical and criminal background check. All new members will be required to complete the 160 hour volunteer firefighter certification course and 24 hour medical first responder course within 3 years of becoming a member. Both courses are taught in house at no cost and college credit through the Alabama Fire College may be received upon completion. Paid on call members are compensated $17.16 for every call/drill they attend and are paid once a month. For further information contact Chief Phillip Weaver at Haleyville Fire/Rescue.

Lions Seek Sponsors


The Haleyville Lion Football Program would like to offer local businesses and community partners an opportunity to advertise at and around Herman "Bubba" Scott Football Field for the upcoming 2014-2015 football season. Outlined below are the levels of sponsorships offered. 


Platinum Level Sponsorship:

Platinum Level Sponsors will have their name, logo, etc... printed on high quality screens that will be placed on the fence in both end zones at Herman "Bubba" Scott Football Field at HHS. Platinum Level Sponsors will also receive an advertisement mention at halftime of the football games. Six regular admission tickets will be given to each Platinum Level Sponsor for HHS home football games for personal use or to distribute to clients, etc... Platinum Level Sponsorships are $2000.00.


Gold Level Sponsorship:

Gold Level Sponsorships will have their name, logo, etc... printed on high quality screens that will be placed on the fence in both end zones at Herman "Bubba" Scott Football Field at HHS. Gold Level Sponsorships are $1500.00.


Silver Level Sponsorships:

Silver Level Sponsorships will have their name, logo, etc... printed on a 3X3 sign that will be placed on the fence around the concession area on the home side of Herman "Bubba" Scott Football Field at HHS. They will also have their name/logo on a smaller sponsor board located on the home concession stand. Silver Level Sponsorships are $500.00.


Bronze Level Sponsorships:

Bronze Level Sponsorships will have their name, logo, etc... printed on a sponsor board located on the home concession stand at Herman "Bubba" Scott Football Field. Bronze Level Sponsorships are $200.00.


For more information or to contribute, contact Haleyville High School 205.486.3122 or Coach Bo Culver bculver@havc.k12.al.us.

Backpack Ministry

Sam Poe

Lynn Stults, Chris Cummings, and Fay Cummings donate their time to stocking shelves for the Backpack Ministry.

We often hear of starving children in third world countries and wish there was something we could do to help. However, it is easy to look over the need in our own communities. We choose to look at the world through rose colored glasses, and we overlook a very delicate group of children under our own noses.

In Haleyville Elementary School alone, there is a group of at least twenty-five students who do not have food to eat except what they are served at school. From Friday afternoon until Monday morning these children may go without a single meal.  A group at Littleville United Methodist Church learned of this need a few years ago, and they took a small step to help out with a big problem.

Fay Cummings organizes the "Backpack Ministry" each school year. With this program, LUMC is able to send enough food home to feed each child through the weekend. In the package, the children receive enough for three meals and two snacks per day (Saturday and Sunday). As you can see in the photo above, donations have been limited this summer, and the shelves need to be stocked for the new school year. With the current stock, Fay estimates the twenty-five children currently on the list can be fed for 3-4 weeks. Although the shelves seem bare, the project organizers aren't worried. They stated that no matter how low items get, supplies always arrive just in time.

The Backpack Ministry is a community-based, donations only project. The group has worked with community partners in the past years to receive limited grant money and hope to renew that for this year; however, no final plans have been put in place at this time. If you would like to donate to the project, contact Scott or Alicia Ward at (205)486-4701 or Fay Cummings at (205)522-6157. Monetary and food donations are graciously accepted.

If you would like to donate food, it has to be non-perishable items that do not require water or electricity to prepare (because we don't know the conditions of the home) and individually wrapped. Items most commonly used in the packages are Capri Sun or Kool-Aid Jammers juice packets, individual pudding and jell-o packets, Chef Boyardee pasta, Little Debbie treats and other snack items, pop tarts, and individual cereals (but no milk). 


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